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Leaving your hair down in the summer is extremely annoying and a hassle to keep it straight. Don’t fret though cause niggas just hooked you up with a hairstyle that is quite in style. If you didn’t know how to get curly hair before, I hope this helps you out! :)

Pictures One & Two show the way to get your hair curly: After washing your hair (or not..whatever it’s your life) let it dry until it’s damp then comb it out carefully. Part your hair into sections as shown starting from the back. Apply moose or styling foam so that the curls will hold. Twist each section of hair until it begins to coil up for itself. Then simply wrap it around into small knots aka Bantu Knots.

Pictures Three & Four show how to take out the curls the next day: Untwist the Bantu Knots the opposite way of which they were wrapped. Stretch it out and then spread each section of your hair to make the curls bigger.

Picture Five is the final result. Do whatever the fuck you want with it now. Enjoy and shit.

Gimme feedback on other ways to do this style or a style you wanna see completed and shit..

Love, Lee Wee

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